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Aptean Factory MES       (Aptean)
Manufacturing intelligence for forward-looking producers. Aptean Factory MES is a packaged Manufacturing Execution Systems that transforms manufacturing performance by empowering people to make real-time decisions. The solution integrates the function ...

Aptean Event Management Framework (EMF)       (Aptean)
No matter what business you’re in, the ability to understand today and predict the future is an advantage. Our Aptean Event Management Framework solutions help you sense and respond to business events faster than ever before, while proactively shaping yo ...

Aptean IMI Supply Chain       (Aptean)
Aptean IMI SCM provides a broad range of integrated, open standards-based solutions that service key areas of complex supply chains and distribution networks, including: Advanced order management-Global inventory visibility Demand and supply planning - T ...

Aptean Pivotal CRM       (Aptean)
Aptean’s Pivotal CRM is a flexible, powerful customer relationship management solution for organizations that want to use CRM strategically by modeling, enhancing and streamlining their unique sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Built with th ...

Aptean Respond       (Aptean)
Aptean Respond is the world’s leading feedback-management solution. Your customers have thoughts and opinions on your products and services. Many of these thoughts are positive, some are negative. If they keep this feedback to themselves, you gain nothing ...

Aptean Ross ERP       (Aptean)
Ross ERP offers in-built industry “best practices” to which you can align your business processes, as well as a robust ERP feature set for designed exclusively for process manufacturers, including: -Manufacturing Management -Financial Management -Di ...