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resultaten 1 - 10 van circa 10 voor Dassault Systemes BV

Abaqus       (Dassault Systemes BV)
General purpose non-linear FEM program for structural, thermal, acoustic, dynamic, electrical and coupled applications.

Abaqus For CATIA       (Dassault Systemes BV)
Full CAD - FEA integration between Abaqus and CATIA

Abaqus/Aqua       (Dassault Systemes BV)
Module delivers wave loading, drag, and buoyancy calculation capabilities that may be added to the Abaqus/Standard module to provide modeling of offshore piping or cable systems.

Abaqus/CAE       (Dassault Systemes BV)
This is the interactive program used to build Abaqus models, to launch and monitor anlysis, and to evaluate results. Abaqus/CAE includes feature-based parametric modeling and robust meshing ans supports the extensive Abaqus solver functionality. Abaqus/V ...

Abaqus/Design       (Dassault Systemes BV)
This add-one analysis capability for ABAQUS/Standard allows the user to perform design sensitivity analysis (DSA). The derivatives of output variables are calculated with respect to specified design parameters.

Abaqus/Explicit       (Dassault Systemes BV)
This provides nonlinear, transient, dynamic response analysis of solids and structures using explicit time integration. Powerful contact capabilities, reliability, and computational efficiency on very large models for quasi static applications involving d ...

Abaqus/FE-Safe       (Dassault Systemes BV)
This module calculates fatigue lives and fatigue strength reserve factors from finite element models to determine the fatigue life of a component.

Abaqus/Isight       (Dassault Systemes BV)
General purpose optimalisatie en simulatie process automatiserings tool

Abaqus/MOLDFLOW       (Dassault Systemes BV)
This product translates finite element mesh, material property, and initial stress data from a MOLDFLOW polymer processing simulation to an ABAQUS input file.

Abaqus/Standard       (Dassault Systemes BV)
This is the general-purpose finite element analysis programme. It includes all analysis capabilities except nonlinear dynamic response analysis using explicit time integration (provided in the Abaqus/Explicit program and the "Aqua" features.