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Accolade Idea Lab       (Sopheon)
Sopheon’s Accolade® Idea Lab(TM) is the industry’s first comprehensive idea development solution. It not only supports the generation and collection of ideas, it enables collaboration and discussion that will help your organization better develop and evalu ...

Accolade Process Manager       (Sopheon)
From the birth of products as ideas to their retirement from the marketplace, Accolade® Process Manager(TM) helps companies structure, automate and measure product innovation, ensuring that the right new products get to market cost-effectively and on time. ...

Accolade Roadmapping       (Sopheon)
Accolade® Roadmapping(TM) allows users to visualize and plan the future of products and technologies. The first automated roadmapping software designed to connect short-term operational decision-making with long-term growth plans, Accolade Roadmapping enab ...