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Nixxis ACD       (Nixxis NL BV)
Rather than a traditional automatic call distributor, the Nixxis Interaction Engine serves as a flexible automatic interaction distributor for phone calls, e-mails, sms and fax

Nixxis Contact Suite       (Nixxis NL BV)
The Nixxis Contact Suite (NCS) has been packaged to obtain a perfect match with your business requirements. Depending on your needs our Professional Edition and the Starter, Standard or Advanced packages will ensure the best functional fit rendering an opt ...

Nixxis Contact Suite v2       (Nixxis NL BV)
Software voor Klant-relatie Call-Chat-SMS-Fax-Email-Video. Integratie mogelijk met bestaande systemen.

Nixxis Dialler       (Nixxis NL BV)
The Nixxis outbound dialler can initiate the calls using following dialling modes: Preview Dialling Power Dialling Progressive Dialling Predictive Dialling Automated Outbound Interaction

Nixxis IVR       (Nixxis NL BV)
The Nixxis’ advanced IVR system provides a computer based interaction with the user. Messages can be played, user input can be collected using DTMF, databases can be accessed (both to query and to write data to), actions can be initiated and data can be pa ...

Nixxis Interaction Engine       (Nixxis NL BV)
Fully SIP Multimedia Interaction Engine

Nixxis Interactive Video Voice Response solution       (Nixxis NL BV)
Extending traditional IVR applications with Visual Contents and Communications With the growing proliferation of broadband Internet and 3G mobile phones, more and more people have access to real-time video communications through video-enabled handsets, we ...

Nixxis Light Call Center Suite       (Nixxis NL BV)
Nixxis Light Call Center Suite delivers full Call Center functionnality with some operational limitations. This version of the Nixxis software is on the market with a very competitive price.

Nixxis Multimedia Handling       (Nixxis NL BV)
Not being able to respond to customers in a positive, flexible and efficient way, will lead to a substantial loss of (potential) business and market share. Customers are becoming ever more demanding. They initiate contact through their preferred communica ...

Nixxis Recording       (Nixxis NL BV)
The Nixxis Interaction Engine contains recording functionalities that can be initiated by the agent, a supervisor, the script, at random or by default. Recording can encompass the complete conversation or can be activated on demand, at certain moment in t ...