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CodeWright       (AZET Programming Tools)
CodeWright users are the most sought after developers, who possess the ability to adapt quickly to the rapid pace of eBusiness. A comprehensive development workbench provides a strong foundation, allowing your team to focus on the design and execution of c ...

Intel Fortran Compilers       (AZET Programming Tools)
Compilers van Intel Software nu verkrijgbaar via AZET Programming Tools te 's-Hertogenbosch

Multi Edit       (AZET Programming Tools)
Multi-Edit is the only text editor you need because it is designed to work the way you work, with the languages and tools you use everyday. No matter what type of programming you are doing, from the web to embedded systems, Multi-Edit will make your work e ...

Smartbear       (AZET Programming Tools)
Met iedere toetsaanslag kan een ontwikkelaar de software, waar hij aan werkt, verbeteren of verslechteren.SmartBear levert tools die de ontwikkelaar helpt om zijn code te ontdoen van fouten en performance problemen, nog vóór QA of de klant dat kan doen. Hi ...

Ultra Edit       (AZET Programming Tools)
Programma Editor... HTML, XBase, VB, enz.,enz

Visible Analyst       (AZET Programming Tools)
In addition 2 automating all of the traditional structured methods, advanced dB engineering, transition to object oriented design, repository extensibility, distributed repository capabilities, and model permission controls. VA is suitable for Computer Ana ...

Visual UML       (AZET Programming Tools)
Visual UML is an affordable, easy-to-use yet powerful and full-featured object modeling tool that supports all of the OMG UML (Unified Modeling Language) 1.3 diagram types: Use Case, Package, Class, Object, Activity, State, Collaboration, Sequence, Compone ...