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Titel Leverancier Toepassing Branche
resultaten 21 - 40 van circa 96 in rubriek Internet

Enfinity Multisite       (Softlution)
Enfinity Multisite enables entreprises to deploy and manage multiple e-commerce initiatives across different business units on a single platform.

Enfinity Procurement solution       (Softlution)
Enfinity Procurement solution enables you to optimize all procurement processes for goods and sevices and helps you significantly reduce purchasing costs and time.

Enfinity Suplier solution       (Softlution)
Enfintity Suplier solution enables you to rapidly build powerfull online marketplace connections and enable multi-site selling and multiple buyer interaction.

Enfinity content management       (Softlution)
Enfinity content management is the only complete, centrally manageable, integrated e-commerce and content management solution

Firebox Vclass       (WatchGuard Technologies Inc.)
Security for Medium-Sized Enterprises Firebox® Vclass brings high speed network security to medium-sized businesses, remote offices, service providers, and data centers. Give your users secure, IPSec compliant VPN connections, and ensure consistent infrast ...

Firebox X       (WatchGuard Technologies Inc.)
Firebox® X: Next Generation Integrated Security Appliance Get the security you really need in a model-upgradeable and feature-expandable integrated security appliance*. Firebox® X provides intelligent layered security and license key upgradeability, so you ...

GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server       (Portland)
controleer uw inkomende downloads

GFI FAXmaker for Exchange       (Portland)
fax integratie voor exchange

GFI FAXmaker for Networks / smtp       (Portland)
fax oplossing voor windows

GFI LANguard Security Log Monitor       (Portland)
event analyser

GFI LANguard Security Scanner       (Portland)
beveiliging oplossing

GFI MailEssentials       (Portland)
anti spam oplossing

GFI MailEssentials for Exchange / SMTP       (Portland)
anti spam oplossing

GLList       (DigiPoint NV)

HackFence       (Softrax Holding BV)
Speciale beveiliging tegen malware, hacking en virussen van WordPress websites. Laat je site ook aan alle eisen voldoen.

IDVS       (Euro-Smartict bv)
An Indentification & Verifvation Server based on Challenge/Response instead of user / password.

Internet Gegevensbank       (Mellon BV)
De Internet Gegevensbank stelt u in staat om willekeurige gegevens via Internet te verzamelen c.q. beschikbaar te stellen. Doordat de ingevoerde gegevens in dezelfde database worden opgeslagen als de database die gebruikt wordt om gegegevens aan anderen be ...

LISTSERV®       (L-Soft Sweden AB)
LISTSERV® launched the email list management industry in 1986 and sets the standard for e-mail list management software. It provides the power and reliability you need to manage your opt-in email lists, such as email newsletters, announcement lists, discus ...

LISTSERV® Maestro       (L-Soft Sweden AB)
LISTSERV® Maestro is a complete email marketing solution, unmatched in its versatility and performance. It allows you to deliver carefully targeted and personalized messages, while measuring all aspects of your opt-in email marketing campaigns.

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