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RapidSQL 2019       (Barnsten B.V.)
RapidSQL is een programeeromgeving voor Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server en DB2 database. Linkt tevens met producten als PVCS, KMS e.d.

CX-Drive       (Omron Electronics B.V.)
Met slechts één softwaretool sneller en eenvoudiger Omron servo's en frequentieregelaars configureren en onderhouden. Ondersteunt het complete assortiment Omron-servo's en -frequentieregelaars. Onderdeel van CX-One.

CX-One       (Omron Electronics B.V.)
Programmeer/ontwikkelomgeving voor Omron-apparatuur

CX-One Lite       (Omron Electronics B.V.)
Programmeer/ontwikkelomgeving voor Omron CP-serie PLC's

Boxer texteditor       (CopyCats Software & Services)
Zeer krachtige, efficiënte en flexibele teksteditor voor programmeurs, web developers, database managers, systeembeheerders en veelschrijvers. Syntax highlighting, kolombewerkingen, ANSI/OEM, bin/hex, projects, 2 GB files, unicode, RegEx, XML formatting, H ...

CodeWright       (AZET Programming Tools)
CodeWright users are the most sought after developers, who possess the ability to adapt quickly to the rapid pace of eBusiness. A comprehensive development workbench provides a strong foundation, allowing your team to focus on the design and execution of c ...

Multi Edit       (AZET Programming Tools)
Multi-Edit is the only text editor you need because it is designed to work the way you work, with the languages and tools you use everyday. No matter what type of programming you are doing, from the web to embedded systems, Multi-Edit will make your work e ...

Ultra Edit       (AZET Programming Tools)
Programma Editor... HTML, XBase, VB, enz.,enz

ASG-Encore for Leveraging Mainframe Applications       (ASG Technologies)
ASG-Encore for Leveraging Mainframe Applications ASG-Encore is the COBOL reengineering component of ASG-Existing Systems Workbench (ESW), an integrated life cycle solution for managing your organization's existing systems. Encore uses the Analytical Engin ...

BXA - Bixoft eXtended Assembly language       (B.V. Bixoft)
Advanced macro library for programming in assembler for OS/390 or z/OS based mainframes. The macros can also be used in conjunction with z390 - the Java-based HLASM-compatible assembler for PCs and Unix-environments.

Borland Enterprise Server, Team Edition       (Borland B.V.)
Borland® Enterprise Server, Team Edition is a cost-effective solution for developing J2EE-based solutions, ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses. Supporting up to 25 concurrent users, it provides full J2EE 1.3 capabilities and a Web Services runtime ...

Borland Gauntlet       (Borland B.V.)
Borland® Gauntlet® is a continuous integration and test automation system that improves visibility and speeds delivery of quality software by proactively building and testing code, identifying defects early, and reporting on key development metrics. It wor ...

C++Builder       (DTS bv)
De ultieme C++ voor het Win32 en .NET platform. Bel DTS voor meer info..

Caffo       (Cronos)
Cronos Application Framework For Oracle (CAFFO). Save up to 50% of your development time. Include extra features, decrease the maintenance time for existing applications. Manage complex applications without effort. Download your CAFFO trial version at www. ...

CodeMeter       (WIBU Systems BV)
CodeMeter® is de basistechnologie van alle beveiligings- en licentiëringsoplossingen van Wibu-Systems. Gestandaardiseerd systeem voor hardware dongles en softwarematige licenties op basis van activering Gestandaardiseerde ondersteuning van alle pc-best ...

ET/KS94 engineeringstool       (ISOTRON Systems B.V.)
ET/KS94 is een engineeringstool voor het configureren en parametriseren van de KS92 en KS94 regelaars van PMA

GPS Toolkit       (Eye4Software B.V.)
Toolkit om programmatuur uit te breiden met GPS ondersteuning, of voor het ontwikkelen van plaatsbepalingssysteemen, navigatie of track en trace toepassingen. De toolkit bevat ook functionaliteit voor coordinaat transformaties met behulp van o.a.: Trans ...

IDDOS       (RealDolmen NV)
IDDOS allows to generate RPGLE) and CBL(LE) Interactive and Batch programs in a high productive way. It provides extra tools to speed up maintenace of programs.

NAGWare Fortran Tools       (Cosinus Computing bv)
The NAGWare Fortran Tools provide users with the ability to analyse and transform Fortran 77, Fortran 90 and Fortran 95 code.

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